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Download FairyGUI Editor

Official runtimes

FairyGUI officially supports these game toolkits out of the box.

  1. Unity - C#。All Unity versions are supported. You can download 'FairyGUI' from assetstore directly.
  2. Cocos2dx - C++.
  3. LayaAir - TypeScript.
  4. Egret - TypeScript.
  5. CocosCreator - TypeScript. Only version 2. X is supported.
  6. Starling - ActionScript.
  7. Flash - ActionScript.
  8. Cry Engine - C#.
  9. Havok Vision - C++.
  10. MonoGame - C#.
  11. Corona - Lua.

Third party runtimes

These runtimes have been developed by the gaming community. Most are open source.

  1. Haxe - Haxe.
  2. PIXI - Javascript.


FairyGUI Editor is green software, you just need to unzip it. To avoid unnecessary problems, do not unzip to a path with a Chinese name.

Click to open "System Preferences", then click "security and privacy" in it, find the interception with prompt at the bottom, and click the "still open" button here.

Old version download channel:
Replace XXX with three numbers of version number.