Getting Start

FairyGUI provides a powerful UI editor. The usage habits are consistent with the adobe series software, and the art designers and planners can easily start.
Unlike other UI editors in the market, FairyGUI editor attaches importance to designer experience and discards the operations that need code thinking, such as scripts and configuration files. With the components, relation, controller and dynamic effect provided by FairyGUI, we can easily create complex UI with automatic layout with animation effect under the condition of zero code. The built-in branch and multilingual mechanism can be used to configure multilingual version or multi-channel version visually. FairyGUI also solves the common pain points in the development of UI, such as circular progress bar, pixel click test, mixed arrangement of graphics and text, circular list, virtual list, surface UI, VR input, etc.

FairyGUI currently supports the following game engines: UnityCocos2d-xCry Egine, MonoGame, Havok VisionEgretLayaAirCocosCreatorHaxePixiFlashStarlingCoronaUE4 etc, covering mobile games, web games and console games, we strive to provide the same UI production experience in the whole game field.