Project Settings

Open the Project Settings dialog via the main menu “File-> Project Settings”.



Note: These parameters are the default values in the editor and have nothing to do with runtime. Need to runUIConfigRedo the global settings. And the latter setting does not necessarily need to be the same as the setting here.

Quick menu

Adaptation settings

For more detailed analysis, please readadaptation

Project branch

For more detailed analysis, please readBranch

i18n settings

For more details, please readmulti-lingual

Custom properties

Custom attributes are user-defined Key-Value collections.

Custom properties currently serve two purposes:

  1. Available in plugins.
  2. The controller can define the homepage as the Key value here. When the component is created, the controller will automatically switch to the page named Value. Reference here

The settings here are only used in the editor, and need to be reset with code when running. The API isUIPackage.SetVar