Powerful UI Editor, Cross-platform UI Solution
Support Unity,UE4,Cocos2dx,Egret,LayaAir,CocosCreator and more

Zero Code

The designer's user experience is preferred, and there is no need for scripts and configuration files that require code thinking. Both game planners and artists can independently create production level UI interfaces.                


Built in branch and i18n mechanism, fully WYSIWYG supports multilingual version and multi-channel version,

Rich Runtimes

It supports more than ten game engines, including mobile games, web games and pc games, and provides consistent UI production experience in the whole game field. Make a set of UI that can be used for all engines.

High Peformance

It leads the similar products in running performance and provides a unique strategy for drawcall optimization.


Pre-Sale: bd@fairygui.com
Post-Sale: support@fairygui.com

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