FairyGUI Author

Name: 谷主. The author engaged in the game UI development process for many years, well aware of the game developers in the UI development pain point, the lack of easy to use and visual editing tools, resulting in programmers and art coupling too deep; Second, the market is not enough Mature, resulting in secondary development workload is too large, the ability of programmers demanding, and difficult to standardize; third is unable to cope with changing needs. FairyGUI is born in this context, after two years of development and tuning, can be said that the market is best to use the professional game UI editor, and open source free!

FairyGUI Editor is produced using FairyGUI. GitHub has UI tools for all interfaces of the FairyGUI editor. After downloading, you can use the FairyGUI editor to open. You can use this skin to make your own editor, and you can choose AS3, or TS, JS, or C #, the efficiency of the bar!

SDK contribution

The Haxe SDK is provided by Rakuten.

The Pixi SDK is provided by jcyuan.

Website production contribution

喵喵大人Ou ChangkunDuke ChiangBlank